Stand - A46

Stedfast is a world leading manufacturer of value-added laminated and coated textiles, serving the specification needs of Industrial, Medical, Protective clothing and Military applications.

Stedair® Waterproof Breathable and coated technologies offer new levels of protection and comfort. Stedair® moisture barriers are designed for fire and rescue service personnel and are critical in preventing the transmissions of liquids from the outside of firefighter personal protective clothing (PPC) to the skin. Moisture barriers also provide protection from common chemicals, bacteriophages and viruses. Stedair® moisture barriers exhibit exceptional durability and breathability (Ret) ratings which go above and beyond the EN469 specifications set for firefighter protective clothing. Certified products include Stedair®3000e, Stedair®3000d, Stedair®Golde, Stedshield®FR and Stedprene®FR. Stedair®Prevent is our new particulate blocking barrier to be incorporated into personal protective clothing for protection against carcinogens. Stedair®Prevent is suitable for use in flash hoods and within PPC to protect areas of weakness

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