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Reach and Rescue develop innovative, long-reach, telescopic water rescue poles enabling emergency services, search & rescue teams and members of the public to conduct swift and directionally-accurate rescues by retrieving casualties from safe distances minimising the danger posed to themselves whilst also boosting casualty survival chances.

When equipped with our comprehensive range of long-reach telescopic rescue poles – reaching up to 17m in length and adaptable with a range of fit-for-purpose attachments – rescue operatives will avoid putting themselves in extreme danger posed by entering hazard zones – such as open water, height, ice or mud to name a few – in order to successfully rescue an individual.

Not content with saving lives in 47 countries, our continuous strive for innovation has led to the development of the World’s first public-access water rescue system – the Portsafe. A collaborative effort with emergency services nationwide, including Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue Service, has led to Portsafes being installed in over 50 high-risk public water areas across the UK.

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