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MultiNet Virtual Network (MVN) delivers fast, reliable IP connectivity anywhere and anytime, where terrestrial networks fail or are inconsistent using native IP-based satellite transmission from remote locations via a Pay As You Go, premium quality, guaranteed high-bandwidth solution that has been relied upon on numerous occasions at events such as the Tour de France & Tour de Yorkshire and disaster response scenarios similar to the recent floods in East Anglia. The MultiNet Virtual Network is ideal where mobile services bandwidth is scarce or congested, and in situations where Internet connectivity is uncertain. The MultiNet Virtual Network solution meets the demand for temporary, high quality, bi-directional IP networks for special projects, greenfield developments and disaster response.

“We’ve developed MultiNet Virtual Networking in direct response to the market demand for fast, reliable IP connectivity at any location. MVN is perfect for disaster support, corporate events and events with high attendance where mobile network bandwidth is scarce, or where Internet connectivity is uncertain,” explained Henry Walker, Director at Primetech. “MVN is an enhancement of the traditional services that utilise our satellite capabilities that Primetech has provided for decades. The MVN service is delivered with the same level of customer service and quality that we have always provided and is just another example of how Primetech are uniquely positioned to deliver secure and reliable communications in any environment.”

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