Stand - A64

PBI fabrics are the first line of defence on the fire ground. They are renowned for their unique combination of flame resistance, durability and comfort, which is why they are first choice in protection for the most extreme conditions.

PBI offers a wide range of fabrics that meet the needs of every situation and work effectively as an integral part of the protective garment. Each fabric has different properties and applications, but every PBI fabric provides the required protection from heat and flame that an outer fabric must deliver.

PBI will showcase its newest lightweight PBI LP™ fibre alongside the full range of outer fabrics, including PBI Gold, PBI Matrix, PBI Max, Gemini XTL, Titan 1260 and Ibena X55, ENFORCER 24K and PBI TGP 185, all of which are lightweight, strong and achieve high flame resistance and comfort.

All PBI fabrics deliver excellent tensile strength and will not become brittle, shrink or break open when exposed to flame and high temperatures. This means that the integrity of the internal layers of the garment is protected and the transfer of any radiant heat is slower, allowing more time for firefighters to escape to safety in a situation such as a flashover.

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