Stand - J25

Kussmaul Electronics Co., Inc. has provided products to the emergency vehicle markets since 1967 with four core values: Integrity by operating with honesty and undivided principles, Quality and Durability in our products supported by the years of use of each unit sold that are still working strong and Service that is provided to the customers 24/7 through a 100% customer service compliance and next day repairs/delivery.

Kussmaul manufactures a complete line of Automatic Battery Chargers, Auto Reel, Inverter Charger, Dashboard Accessories and one of the company’s biggest sellers, the Auto Eject created in the 1980s, it automatically disconnects the power line (shore line) and the Air Eject (the airline) from a vehicle when it is started. It is a patented technology and registered trademark of Kussmaul Electronics. Proven to be the leader in the shore power ejector market due to the extreme durability by having units in the field working for over 20 years after installation. Sales in the hundreds of thousands of units since the 1980s support its reputation.

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