Stand - G75

We’re delighted to be introducing EZYiD®, the revolutionary new Asset Tracking System! Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), is a method of communicating information from one point to another by use of electromagnetic waves (radio waves). The system can dramatically reduce time logging assets and cuts human error when recording serial numbers.

The EZYiD® System features a specially designed Ultra High Frequency (UHF) reader which works with RFID Tags, Cable -ties and Stickers and also with ISC EZYiD®-embedded hardware products. The reader is designed to transfer unique serial number information from the tag to a computer, tablet or mobile phone device, using software of the user’s choice.

The EZYiD® System can be used on just about any asset that needs to be tracked!

Our range of Rope Access/Rescue Hardware is available with pre-embedded EZYiD Tags, for even greater asset tracking efficiency.

The Arachnipod Modular Total Edge Management System will be on display. The Arachnipod in its simplest form, is a Tripod. Components can be added or removed in order to create any one of the nine possible configurations: Gin/Monopole, Handrail Recovery Rail, A-Frame, Transverse A-Frame, Lazy Leg A-Frame, Tripod, Quadpod or the Bridge configuration (with choice of 2, 3 or 4m Bridge Beam).

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