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Gamber-Johnson is a leading supplier of rugged computer mounting systems and vehicle mounting components.

In business since 1954, Gamber-Johnson has proven to be a pioneer in design innovation over the years, manufacturing docking stations for leading device manufacturers such as Dell, Getac, Panasonic, Samsung and Zebra. Partnering with these major technology manufacturers is key to our success. Gamber-Johnson is a trusted name in the industry; long known as the go-to partner for major rugged computer OEMs. With more than 20 patents and counting, the company continues to evolve, creating numerous jobs and meaningful opportunities for community stewardship.

Gamber-Johnson mounts are designed for versatility and compactness and have been the preferred choice of Emergency Service fleet managers for decades, installed in thousands of fleets worldwide ensuring occupant safety and enhancing mobile workforce productivity. Heroes in police, fire and emergency medical services rely on the rugged vehicle mounting systems and docking stations every day in order to better protect and serve and associate the Gamber-Johnson name with quality, safety and reliability. Gamber-Johnson is a worldwide corporation, exporting to more than 40 countries, with subsidiaries around the globe, including Precision Mounting Technologies (PMT) in Calgary and Zirkona in Europe.

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