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Edesix Ltd is a UK manufacturer of Body Worn Camera (BWC) solutions for those in public facing roles, with the aim of helping to improve safety, whilst producing compelling evidence when needed.

Edesix BWCs have been proven to deter aggression and protect those working on the front-line, whilst providing tamper-proof evidence to secure convictions. The cameras are robust, secure, user-friendly and are relied upon by Police, Prison Services, Security Teams and Emergency Services workers globally.

Alongside the BWCs, Edesix’s VideoManager software solutions enables web-based viewing and editing of incidents, and preparation of evidence packages for sharing with industry partners. The software is designed to control and manage cameras, their footage, and footage from other sources if required, in a simple but highly-efficient and secure manner.

The VideoManager software also benefits from its ability to integrate into any ONVIF compliant VMS, allowing Edesix VideoBadge footage to be incorporated into on-site CCTV monitoring. This gateway for VideoManager, called ONStream, enables any ONVIF compliant VMS to be unified with VideoBadge and VideoTag cameras, providing unparalleled detail of incidents as they unfold.

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