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De-Wipe is leading the charge in tackling the growing issue of cancer amongst firefighters. By developing the UK’s only 100% biodegradable after-fire decontamination wipe, De-Wipe supplies the fire & rescue service with an essential defence in combating the dangers posed by exposure to harmful carcinogens produced in fire.

Cancer is now the primary cause of death amongst firefighters; the results of a pioneering study conducted by leading fire chemistry professors at the University of Central Lancashire has revealed that carcinogens absorbed through the skin – rather than inhaled – to be the major culprit. In response, our decontamination wipes have been scientifically formulated to eradicate these damaging cancerous carcinogens and should be used immediately on scene to thoroughly decontaminate any surface – be it skin on the face, arms, ears or neck, protective equipment, vehicles or clothing.

Available in three convenient pack sizes, De-Wipe easily fits into existing decontamination processes thereby protecting the long-term health of fire & rescue operatives.

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