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How can you develop an effective PPE layering system without considering the next to the skin layer?

Your skin covers about 2m² and is your body’s most sensorial organ detecting pressure, pain, heat, cold and greatly influencing your sense of wellbeing.

All PPE layers are designed to protect your skin but your choice of next-to-skin clothing has the single biggest impact on your safety, performance and comfort. Armadillo Merino® specialises in next-to-skin PPE garments made with merino. These skin-side garments deliver…

  • Natural FR protection up to 600°C, avoiding melting synthetics or flaming cotton against the skin
  • Better health – avoid nasty clothing toxins that are released by heat by wearing a natural and effective next-to-skin barrier that also optimises skin health
  • Performance enhancing properties – Optimise your output by delaying the onset of sweat, reducing your thermal load and managing stress levels, with science to back it
  • Way more comfort– why can’t you wear a garment that is soft against the skin, fits comfortably in all the right places and doesn’t stink?

Life Insurance? For less than a price of training shoes Armadillo Merino® garments can effectively “save your skin”.

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