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Aligned Assets is the leading, independent provider of AddressBase Premium gazetteer software solutions helping more than half the emergency services in Great Britain to share, integrate and match the most accurate and comprehensive address dataset available, Ordnance Survey’s AddressBase Premium. In recent years, we have pioneered cutting-edge geospatial augmented reality applications developed for public benefit.

Since 1996, our innovative solutions have delivered accuracy and efficiency for our emergency services customers, saving them time and money.

Seamless integration

Having worked closely with the major suppliers of operational systems to the emergency services, our agile gazetteer will integrate seamlessly with all major public sector systems, allowing you to enjoy the very best address management solution available with the operational system of your choice. All the resulting automated processes reduce the need for manual intervention and therefore duplication of effort, saving time and money.

Independent, small and agile

We are independent, small and agile, meaning we can quickly adapt to your requirements, whatever system or supplier you use. We know all our customers well and are highly reputed for our excellent personal service. We also work with various partner organisations to deliver the very best solutions for your purposes.

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